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Once the master page designs have been agreed upon your text files can be typeset.

Text is welcome in all formats: handwritten, typed or digital. A wide range of digital formats are acceptable including: Email (ASCII, MIME, HTML), PC Windows (All formats - ASCII, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, etc - 2.5in, 5.25in), Unix (All formats - ASCII, tar, etc), Macintosh (All formats - Word, Nisus, etc), Amiga (ASCII), Amstrad (ASCII). If you are unsure whether your particular format is acceptable please contact us.

Our typesetting charges are GBP 1.50 per A5 page and GBP 2.50 per A4 page, and GBP 7.50 per hour for data entry. Discounts are available for series and periodicals.

Pre-set and facsimile pages

We are also happy to accept typeset pages in a variety of formats Postscript (PS), Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and TeX, however please consult us in advance to ensure that your format and the method of delivery are compatible with our systems.

Similarly, for facsimile reproductions please provide a full description of your requirements so that we can advise on how best to present your artwork.

Multilingual Typesetting

TandemPress currently has the facility to typeset in following languages: French - German - Dutch - Italian - Spanish - Czech - Polish - Swedish - Danish - Greek - Russian - Turkish - Japanese - Chinese - Arabic - Hebrew - Welsh - Gaelic - Urdu - Gujarati.


Book Design

TandemPress is happy to implement design briefs on behalf of our clients or create cover and page designs from scratch.

Our approach combines traditional high standards of design with the efficiency afforded by the latest technology.

Our design services include:

Typography - take advantage of our experience in complementing distinctive cover designs with clear and coherent typography.

Photography & photo-montage - we can meet all your visual design requirements from traditional halftone to complex photo-monage using the latest digital techniques.

Illustration & fine art - we have conections with a range of artists capable of undertaking commissions to the very highest artistic standards - portfolios are available on request.

If you would like to discuss any design requirements in advance of placing an order please call 020 7193 4871