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After the typeset stage has been completed you will be presented with a proof copy in either printed or digital form as required. It will be your responsibility to proof and edit this version comprehensively.

Standard industry proofing terminology (see below) need not be used although this would be welcome. However clarity is important and to avoid ambiguity explanatory notes should be included.

Proofs can be returned by post or fax, or corrections can be listed in an email.

Once the proofed version is returned to TandemPress corrections will be made and a final printed version returned to you. The book printing process will begin once the final signed-off proof copy is received by TandemPress.

The proofing process may take more than one cycle as outlined above, however it must be remembered that TandemPress guarantees production timescales only from the moment of receipt of the final signed-off proof.

If you are a self-publisher and feel you need a second or third opinion on any aspect of your publication TandemPress imposes no restrictions on the duplication of the proofcopy, provided that it is used solely for the purpose of proofing.

Please note that, to avoid potential ambiguity, TandemPress will only acknowledge one proofcopy at a time for correction.

Here is a list of standard proofreader's marks provided courtesy of Writer's Digest School: