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Hosting Services

These services are designed for selfpublishers who would like to benefit from the web but who wish to spend their time publishing books not web pages. No experience of web design or maintenance is required.

Cover Site:

This is our free service for TandemPress clients. Using elements from the book production process TandemPress will create the web site and host it on our servers. Once the site is established updates can be made using our online control panel.

Your web address will be of the form www.tandempress.com/yourname.

Package includes (max 3 pages):

  • Cover artwork and sample chapters.
  • Bibliography and author details.
  • Feedback form for your readers.
  • Submission of your site to the top 50 search engines.
  • E-mail address: yourname@tandempress.com

Cost: nil

To sign-up e-mail: info@tandempress.com with "CoverSite Sign-up" as the subject line and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Cover to Cover:

As the name implies this is a comprehensive website service for self publishers.

Package includes:

  • Full details of your book, its cover and sample chapters, as much or as little as you require.
  • Your own unique domain name: .com, .net, .org or .co.uk
  • Online ordering facility for both readers and bookshops.
  • Online order status, check your stock and the status of orders.
  • Provide downloadable ebook versions of your titles for sale or for free, in Acrobat or Microsoft Reader formats.
  • Site Submission services - we will manage your site submission policy and monitor its position on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Message Board: build a community from your readers with a message board.
  • Multiple e-mail addresses: yourname@yoursite.com, anothername@yoursite.com

Cost: £175 per year, domain name registration fees £25 per year.

To sign-up e-mail: info@tandempress.com with "Cover to Cover Site Sign-up" as the subject line and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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Visit some of our online clients

  • Britain v Europe by DAVID WINN
    A Factual Account of Britainís Fifty Year Dilemma over Europe
  • A Lodging Of Wayfaring Men
    What if you could be more than you ever thought you could be?
    To be better than you thought you could be?
    Would you do it?
    A Lodging of Wayfaring Men is unlike any book you own.
    Itís scope is immense, but at the same time, it reaches the deepest soul.
  • Life is Not an Easy Matter... But Still...
    A collection of works edited by Delia Gallagher
  • The Seven Notes
    A thriller set in the financial world of Edinburgh by Will Jones
  • Our Little Hour
    For anyone interested in British merchant maritime heritage
  • The Third Pillar
    The role of agriculture in the history and economy of the British Virgin Islands
  • Breaking the Shackles
    A Re-evaluation of the current education debate through the lives of Prof. T. H. Huxley and H. G. Wells at Imperial College.
  • Fenris and Daisy
    The poetry of N. J. Webster
  • Empty by M A Scott
    Introducing Mike Scott's latest novel - Empty
  • Conway Hall in the London Blitz
    A collections of articles on Conway Hall and it's bombing during the London Blitz
  • Mud Sticks - The story of George Craig
    Mud Sticks - The true story of a reformed gangster who founded one of the most successful charities in Northern England – George Craig.
  • Stand Up! - The Amazing Life Story of Bobby Knoxall
    The amazing life story of one of Britain's funniest comics and his hilarious encounters with world famous stars.
  • Christianity, Islam and Secular Criticism by William Al-Sharif
    Christianity, Islam and Secular Criticism invites intellectuals to rethink the Christian and Islamic phenomena for the sake of justice, peace and freedom in the world. To achieve this goal, there must be a review of the methodological and epistemological basics used to understand Christian-Muslim dialogue. Many conferences on Christian-Muslim dialogue have failed because they refused to question the historical, ethical and logical credibility of Christianity and Islam. This book criticises Christian ideas that hinder the progress of dialogue, and rejects Islamism that makes Islam ideological thought and practice. It disagrees with the secularism that seeks to destroy religion even as a cultural and scientific subject, and emphasises the importance of secular criticism for a better understanding of our contemporary world. Al-Sharifís position is largely critical and transparent; whether towards the religious groups that thwart every inquiry into their religious doctrines, or towards the secularist intellectuals who think that finding radical solutions to the problems of traditional religions is a waste of time. Perhaps this is the strength and uniqueness of this book.